Blessings from the Omniverse Part 1

As promised, I am bringing knowledge from beyond our physical realm in order to help guide us for the highest and best good on our path of evolution. I describe my encounter with the unknown and the process our universe was born in Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse. But the real phenomena happened after writing this controversial new book! I found meaning in the process that can help all of us improve our lives! This series of articles introduces these lessons in life, which are blessings from beyond. Hence, the new word ‘blessons.’

Blesson #1) THIS. IS. HEAVEN. ON. EARTH!

In order for life to be created and evolve in this physical universe, atoms are formed and gaseous clouds coalesce until enough attraction causes coalescing of light atoms. When this happens, fusion reactions begin and a star is born! Fusion means that energy is put off as atoms are put together to form new atoms. Hydrogen is fused into helium, and in time, some heavier elements form too.

Then, as the star reaches the end of its life, it creates a new beginning for another. When its fusion reaction can no longer support itself, it sheds its outer skin and collapses under its own weight. And then the miracle happens. When it collapses, it causes a huge explosion that can be seen across the universe. This is a supernova. The process spreads atoms out into the gas clouds, and the process continues. With subsequent generations of stars, heavier elements are forged.

The supernovae spread these elements out throughout the universe. This creates the foundation of life as we know it. carbon, iron, water and molecules that form the building blocks of life are formed and distributed. Just like how our heart pumps iron through our veins in our own blood, the universe has its own circulatory system doing something very similar. Stars formed in gas clouds with heavier elements create solar systems for biological life to evolve. I bet they didn’t tell you this in Darwinian evolution classes! Evolution starts before life as we know it does.

The stars are a life form of their own. They live and die several times over in order for us to experience life. In other words, we are the afterlife of stars!

But our existence is more than just in the physical realm. So is the universe itself. Consciousness starts even before atoms were formed. Our universe is a singularity Рa dimensionless point particle smaller than the most minuscule measurable size to us. The Big Bang is the excited state of this singularity. It is a decision to emerge from its surroundings. This is the process my book details. But here, the point at which it came to be is what is important. It is the basis of a conscious entity. Because every other step follows in the same footsteps!

The universe is basically energy. This energy is spread across time and space in small pockets or vortices. Each vortex forms the basic building blocks of quarks, gluons, photons, electrons, etc. How these are formed can be summarized as a series of decisions. They are put together in such a way that one might describe the consciousness as intelligent. This consciousness is built into every single particle throughout the universe. And you are a nearly infinite number of these particles. You are the intelligent divine!

We are this consciousness on a level we simply don’t understand yet. But it is there nonetheless. This is why the universe divulges its secrets to us. They are built into our very consciousness! This consciousness predates formation of stars and biological life. It exists¬†everywhere across all time. This consciousness first experiences life by building atoms, then forming stars, and then by creating biological life. This is what we really are. Consciousness infused into our physical existence. This is what our spirit is! As pure energy, we choose to exist as physical to experience things only available in this physical realm. Pain, pleasure, experiences, and most importantly, lessons.

This is where we strive to go as a consciousness. Sound familiar? In religion, we have been teaching ourselves for thousands of years that we strive to go to Heaven, a place of infinite pleasure. But here’s a very fortunate twist of fate – we’re already there! That’s what life is! Our physical realm is this magical place filled with pure love. But we must first realize it! Consider this your wake-up call. It is up to you to tune your spiritual frequency and live a life filled with love and compassion to fully realize this potential. This is exactly why Jesus taught that God is each and every one of us, and by living life in love, we bring Heaven to Earth! Don’t wait another 2,000 years, his message can be realized right here and right now! So please share and help spread the message. And look for the next blesson from the Omniverse coming next. Thanks for reading!

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Peace, love, and knowledge

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