Blessings from the Omniverse Part 2

I am so happy and grateful to be in this position where I can share these life-changing lessons that I learned by studying the Omniverse model. These blessings are literally from beyond our own realm of physical existence, and show us how we are a part of something bigger. Just like the universe itself is part of something bigger – the Omniverse! This one comes from a realm inside our universe that has been known for over a hundred years now but seldom taught. This is a jewel from quantum physics, and it applies to everything in our universe, including everything physical, energetic, and even time itself! This is a BIG one!


People tend to say quantum physics is complicated, but it’s really quite simple. That’s because it all comes down to this lesson! Every possibility of everything exists all the time. For an object to travel from point A to point B, it takes all possible paths throughout the universe! What the observer determines to be reality is a combination of these possibilities – of which the observer has power to affect the outcome. So we don’t fall apart without coming back together! This is how it is.

If everything can be everywhere, what does that mean? It means we are the singularity state of the pre-Big Bang universe. Distance is an illusion. Space is an illusion. Time is an illusion. When we enter our physical reality, we agree upon living within the constraints of these illusions. This allows us to learn about our surroundings and overcome the limitations as our consciousness grows. As our consciousness GROWS! Hence, the ancient principle of karma exists. Karma┬áis the path of your ascension as you perceive beyond the illusions in the physical realm and learn your life’s lessons. There is no bad karma. It is just your personal growth – simple as that!

How can things like space and time be an illusion? Here’s where it gets really freaking good! The building blocks of atoms are made in such a way that they react with each other while never actually touching. They can’t actually touch because the space between them isn’t real! But this energy exchange gives us the feeling of solid objects. Knock on something solid. It feels solid doesn’t it? You’re not even touching it. Your atoms simply bounce away from other atoms in this cosmic dance we call reality.

And time can’t be illusion, right? We ALL experience time as a one-way street! However, time is only a function of the physical realm. Everything in the physical realm decays. Atoms lose their subatomic particles over time, decaying into isotopes and even new atoms. Even the subatomic particles decay over time. Some come into existence only for a minute fraction of time, only to decay away instantaneously. The Higgs boson is one such particle. But it leaves lasting effects that set the foundation for physical reality by giving particles mass! Time, as we know it, is simply measurement of these decay pathways. We even use radioactive decay to keep time with the NIST atomic clocks!

Time appears to be one way because it is a function of entropy – one of the laws of thermodynamics. Things that decay aren’t easily put back together. Try putting an egg back together after it breaks! This is our physical reality, but beyond the physical, everything is energy. And keeping true with quantum physics and infinite possibilities, time itself transcends these physical limitations. It’s like the universe is programmed to be a wind-up clock!

But in the singularity state of infinite possibilities, every single possibility of time from beginning to end can be observed at once. And by observing, the outcome can be changed. The universe is an interactive set of programming which allows us to change the programming at any given time! To do this, we must perceive ourselves beyond our physical limitations of decay. If matter is energy and thought is consciousness, then we must exist in the nonphysical. This is where we experience all time and all possibilities! I have a description of this realm in my book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, that is very similar to Anita Moorjani’s description of life after death in her book, Dying to Be Me. She describes her experience being able to choose between outcomes in this realm beyond time. It’s why she’s alive today. And it’s also why I have knowledge of the Omniverse.

I want to show you how to realize the control in this process. First, we are observers. But observation affects the outcome, making us active participants. Thus, we do create our reality with our thoughts! And how we do it is simply astonishing. Because when all possibilities exist, the physical version of this principle results in nearly infinite parallel universes. Yes, this is real. This is science! If any outcome exists in parallel realities, your thoughts can align you with the outcome for your highest and best good. Or it can just keep giving you the same old shit. You get to decide!

So go create your reality! Thanks for reading and sharing the blessings of the Omniverse! Take away this: your reality is created by your active participation in the infinite possibilities of the universe.



Change your perception, change your universe.

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