Blessings of the Omniverse Part 3

Science can really be enlightening! This is a huge opportunity for us to change our current system of elitism in academic sciences. Because after all, learning is for everyone! It should be liberation for all to be able to learn on an even playing field, regardless of country of origin, skin color, sex, or anything else that we think separates us. And this is really the key to tonight’s theme, because for thousands of years, we’ve gotten it wrong! All religions have fought each other this whole time over different views of the same God. Maybe religion should focus on blessings instead of commandments or deadly sins! Seriously, what were we thinking back then? And even today, people think there is an argument between science and religion. Once again, we’re describing the same thing! In my lifetime, the world will heal, if it has to be one heart at a time. For this one realization is one of the greatest blessings of all! Knowing this heals spirits in the past, present, and future!


Blessing #3: We Are One with the Universe

I know you’ve heard this before. I have, but now that I have studied the Omniverse model, it really makes sense. Everything in the universe is one. Everything seemingly separate is actually connected! And this is all explained with well established, sound science.

In my experience, I have found many with personal conflicts to the concept of oneness. And I am here to tell you it is perfectly ok! Many will picture this as a ‘hive mind’ concept like the Borg. Resistance is futile! But don’t confuse identity with consciousness. Consciousness is more like love. It is something we all experience. We all feel love! Consciousness is a wide-band broadcast of love that permeates the universe. However, the mind is only able to pick up certain channels of this broadband. Each of our channels is unique, leading to our own personal identity. To understand pure consciousness, you don’t need to give up your identity. Rather, all you have to do is feel love. When you do, your consciousness grows. Unconditional love of all things is the purest consciousness. You can do it! And here’s why:

The simple truth is this – the universe is a singularity. This is a point particle so small that it is immeasurable. We call it a Planck distance, which is 10 to the power of -35 meters. Yet, as small is this is, the singularity contains everything we observe in this vast creation spanning well beyond our observable limits. Everything we see is still this singularity, in an exited state. Just like how an electron can jump to different levels of excitement, the singularity does the same. This is how the Big Bang happens! In the excited Big Bang state, time and space are created, matter is formed, and life begins!

Everything is still within the singularity. All of the pieces fit together like a puzzle! And there is evidence for this with one of the universe’s weirdest tricks. Another gem from the quantum realm is the key to unlocking the doors of universal wisdom: This is known as quantum entanglement, also dubbed as “spooky action at distance” by Albert Einstein, who was one of the discoverers. It was found that particles could communicate different states to other particles, regardless of distance, faster than the speed of light. Experiments have been duplicated and results replicated time and time again. Recent experiments tested entanglement on the International Space Station. Further studies have used this principle to communicate information, creating quantum computers.

Quantum entanglement is able to work without limitations of the speed of light through a common connection – an “invisible thread.” This connection is present everywhere between all seemingly separate parts throughout the universe. All things behave as one, because we are the singularity state of the Big Bang. In order to visualize this, remember how I explained that all possibilities of time exist. When the universe is viewed with all time, it becomes a fluid state of interconnectedness. It really is just one simple object.

This one object is all living things in the universe. The singularity is one consciousness. This is where the signal is broadcast from that we pick up with our minds. This is our consciousness. Thus, all objects throughout space and time are merely a singularity, and what we perceive as consciousness is from this state of the universe. And this beautiful process allows you to feel one with it and still have your identity and free will. And we can do what we want to do in this lifetime knowing that we are supported by this one consciousness. In other words, the universe loves you and conspires to make your life happen for your highest and best good! And when you find your path to serve, you feel alignment with this loving consciousness. This is being one with the universe!

Thanks for reading and sharing the infinite blessings! Here’s a bonus take-away from this blessing: The nature of a singularity is infinity. Knowing you are one is knowing you are infinity! This means that you cannot be a part of infinity – you can’t subtract from an infinity. Every time you try to, you are still left with infinity! Therefore, the universe is within each and every one of us in its entirety!


The universe has something it wants you to know…

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