Blessings of the Omniverse Part 5

It feels GOOD to be back in the flow of energy after my brief pause to acknowledge my emotions. It was very powerful and although my life feels like it has fallen apart, something greater is coming into fruition. After all, didn’t I just day in the last blessing that one cannot fall apart without coming back together? It is in our nature as a physical manifestation of the universe. Even if we are unaware, we follow principles of quantum physics.

Have you ever wondered why we have these physical rules? Did we agree to them? Get ready for  the journey within! Because you already know the answers…

Blessing #5: You Are Multiple Levels of Consciousness

There is a consciousness to the universe. It is a living, breathing, hyper-intelligent being. And it is you! Each part of the universe contains the universe as a whole. Because the singularity is an infinity. And you can’t subtract from infinity and end up with anything but infinity! Your neurons inside your brain actually mimic other structures in the universe. Your brain is a microcosm of the universal neural network known as dark matter!

Dark matter forms strings between large objects, connecting everything. The entire universe is a quantum computer just like your brain! And it thinks things into existence. The Big Bang is a decision to be. Each particle that forms in the Big Bang is as well. Just imagine how many different particles formed and combined to make one living cell. And we evolved from this, now with trillions of cells.


But we are far more than just the evolutionary process that created us! Our path leads us to self discovery. Our consciousness becomes self aware! This is where our exploration begins. Many before us have taken the journey within. Breath work and meditation are ways to open up the universal consciousness within. And much, much more.

In the spiritual realm, it is said that there are many levels. Crystals, plant life and conscious life are where we currently are. Many also experience spirits from those that passed. And then there’s the realm of energy beings known as angels, archangels, along with many other orders of beings. Are you ready to be enlightened? These are all levels of our consciousness. These are all levels of your consciousness.

Our consciousness does not stop there. Remember how decisions make particles? The very laws of physics are a level of our consciousness. This is why I write all the time that we create our reality with our thoughts. On this level, we really do! And beyond the laws of physics, there is a consciousness within you of pure unconditional love for everything I just described. That’s everything in the universe! That’s how powerful this level of consciousness is.

We have been taught for thousands of years by masters of this consciousness. This is God consciousness. Jesus taught us that it is within all of us. He was right! Even within those that have lost their way – they are only that way due to a disconnect caused by their own blocks. But you can overcome your blocks and witness this level! In doing so, you become the observer of all that is in your reality. You become the observer of all that is!

So the take-away of this powerful blessing is this: you are multiple levels of consciousness. What we perceive as consciousness is only on control of about 5 percent of our daily lives, with the subconscious programming controlling the other 95 percent. Our subconscious is analogous to our higher self and serves as a bridge to the superconsciousness. This is your spiritual consciousness, Angel consciousness, physical consciousness, and God consciousness! I can only tell you about it, and you must embark upon the journey yourself in order to find this is within you.

As a general practice, I find that it requires no thought or effort at all to access the highest consciousness. Just feel love for everything. Find the good. Look for the lessons in the bad. And remember, happiness is your default state! It is our human condition to complicate things, creating blocks. But it is also our human condition to overcome out surroundings and ascend into pure consciousness. And the best part is that our higher self and angels are there to guide us asking the way! Thanks for reading and sharing the wisdom!



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