Blessings of the Omniverse Part 6

You didn’t think we were done, did you? I think the Omniverse may have INFINITE blessings in store for us! It is my hope with sincere gratitude and deep unconditional love that the messages from blessings 1 through 5 have been well received. These blessings are lessons for the highest and best good of our understanding of the universe, ourselves, and the ever-present reality we create! The last one was a big one, right? Multiple levels of consciousness – crystals, nature, consciousness, the higher self, angels, archangels, laws of physics, and God consciousness are all within. It’s all in your mind! I mean that in the best way possible, as I am talking to the universe itself with the power of observing itself through the eyes of each and every one of awakened humanity.

And this is really the key to unlock this lesson. The universal consciousness pervades itself through each and every one of us – in its entirety. When we step back from our lower levels of consciousness and see the entire consciousness from the standpoint of the observer, we are able to see a great deal more, The ancients describes this process in their explanation of pure bliss. When you observe, you observe yourself as the observer. The self dissolves. You surrender into pure divine intelligence. This is the real life!

Blessing #6: Life is a Continuum

The universe is a continuum. Consciousness is a continuum, as we have seen in the last blessing. It is an ever-expanding process. Even God is learning and growing as we become awakened, one by one. Each individual identity is a step in this process. The universe in its entirety is a step. Even the Omniverse is a step to another level of reality greater than ever imagined. This process is everything and everywhere. As a result of conscious decisions creating reality, it always grows. Perhaps in a way, this could be why the universe expands – or perhaps consciousness is a result of this expansion.

Image credit: Alex Gray

Imagine a realm of consciousness with no beginning and no end, simply repeating itself on different levels. As above, so below. This is what the ancients described. In the Bible, it was referenced but interpreted to mean physical form. But in the continuum, physicality is only part of the picture. Multiple universes exist as parallels to our own. These are the infinite possibilities of our own lives! These are all our universe, described as quantum fluctuations. Only the universe we observe is held to Newtonian physics. In fact, our observations may be what causes our universe to become physical. Other quantum possibilities exist in all the parallels. When we manifest reality, we align ourselves with the possibilities to make a parallel universe the physical universe. We literally surf through an infinite sea of parallels as we live our lives out here on Earth!

Thus, the phrase ‘as above, so below’ includes much much more than just physical form. That was just our understanding at the time, but today, science has advanced our understanding. ‘As above, so below’ means that processes repeat. I described this phenomenon in my proposal of the Omniverse. The Omniverse is a supergiant white hole which ejects a singularity. When the singularity encounters its event horizon, it expands infinitely across the event horizon. What we observe is a holographic projection from the expanding universe on this warped two-dimensional boundary. That’s where the Big Bang starts and all of our current knowledge of the universe begins! What this means is that the universe occurs as a field around its core. That’s exactly how we describe an atom! The old way of describing individual electrons orbiting the nucleus is dead. Over a hundred years ago quantum physicists discovered that the electron is a field. Now we know the universe is a field in the Omniverse. On scales in-between, we’re still learning about how galaxies work, as they are powered by central supermassive black holes surrounded by a field of fast-moving , high energy matter in the form of gas clouds. Yet another field! And today’s top psychologists and neurologists are finding that the mind is a field around the physical brain. As above, so below!

If we follow rules of traditional Euclidian geometry, we might expect these to look the same on each level. But we don’t really know what they look like. Until the 21st century, an atom hadn’t even been visible to us yet. We know that nature follows a different geometry, known as fractals. Fractals are repeating patterns which continually cycle on different scales. Computer simulations can generate fractal patterns that are picture-perfect views of nature. In essence, that’s what we are also observing on the universal level – from our holographic computer simulation, i.e. our physical universe. See the importance of being the observer? Oh yea! We can see how all of these different scales of repetitions are part of this fractal pattern of the universe. As above, so below!

The take-away is that as the observer, we see how conscious decisions create our physical reality. It is a repeating process existing on many levels with no perceivable start or end point. Don’t become attached to the outcome, which would be your physical body reading this article – become attached to the process. This is real life! From this viewpoint, all that is becomes you. And you can only love it in all of its infinite beauty! Thank you for reading and sharing these blessings, and there are still more coming!


Life is an ever-evolving process.


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