Blessings of the Omniverse Part 7

Seven is a poweful number! As an angel number, it can mean awakening, developing spiritual gifts, enlightenment, intuition, and clairsentience (knowing). I had an unexplainable experience connecting me with the universal quantum computer in my 20s, and clairsentience was experienced on a level unbenownst to me at the time. Not long after this, I started seeing the Omniverse. It all started with an vision of inner knowing. As I have grown, I learned how to explain it in terms of sound science. And then I learned to become enlightened in the process by finding out what it means and how it helps us evolve as physical and spiritual beings. And with that, I bring you the 7th blessing!

Blessing #7: Perception

Perception is a wonderful tool that we are just beginning to learn about how it can be used. Perception helps us mold together our surroundings in the quantum universes and create our physical reality. It is in the eye of the observer that creation happens instantly! As we observe, we affect the physical outcome, thus creating our physical surroundings from nonphysical fields of thought and intelligence. We create our reality! Change your perception, change your universe.


Perception is also a tool of the universe itself as a whole. Each and every one of us experiences our own perception differently with our unique thoughts. As a manifestation in the physical form of the universe as a whole (i.e. the Big Bang), each of our perception becomes quantum data at the point where our sensory organs convert physical impulses into the quantum realm. Simply put, the universe learns using our perceptive abilities!

But what is perception really? Our current understanding teaches us that there are five basic senses. But this is in fact, a limiting belief! It is based on organs which gather physical data, but we have higher senses in our mind. Clairsentience, mentioned above, is one. Ever since I was a small child, there were things I just knew. I knew we weren’t the first advanced intelligent life on Earth. Today we know through mitochondrial DNA research that modern humans have been around nearly 400,000 years, almost double what we have found in the fossil record. How we got here is still a mystery. The Bonobo chimp is still our closest ancestor. Somewhere inbetween, we might have a common ancestor to all the other hominid species. But we stand alone in the evolutionary tree of humans, only with minor amounts of DNA from interbreeding with other species like Denisovan and Neanderthal.

There’s also clairvoyance, or clear seeing. This is the power of imagination and much more! Using the third eye, or pineal gland, we can visualize. Some have the ability to tap into the levels of superconsciousness we covered in Blessing #5 – the angelic realm. This consciousness level brings blessings and protection, and guides us to our divine path – a sense of purpose each of us has agreed upon on a spiritual level. Clairvoyance is also used in our daily lives. We picture ourselves reaching goals at work and home. We picture ourselves in ideal relationships. Without this ability, we would not be able to dream. With this ability, we are able to manifest! By picturing ourselves in the intended outcome of a situation for the highest and best good, we literally lay the foundation to manifest it into reality. All we need next is the emotional feeling of that outcome and gratitude of it already being here.

And that brings us to our higher perceptive abilities – emotions. These are powerful! Every emotion is a frequency of your underlying energy. The mind splits frequencies using its energy centers, aka chakras, similar to how a prism splits white light into a beautiful array of colors. Think that’s crazy? Energy centers have been known for decades in scientific research. I don’t know why they don’t teach us that, but I stumbled across it while researching for my book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse. More recent studies linking emotions to the body have also gone viral on the internet. If you examine closely, you can see the relation of the emotion to the body’s energy centers. By aligning ourselves with the highest and best emotions – love and joy – we become more vibrant and healthy! These emotions are the feedback mechanism to upload our perceptions to the universal brain.

So what have we learned? Perception molds our reality and is used to manifest our highest and best goals with the use of emotions. Emotions then feedback the enrgy into the universe, thus creating a cycle – a flow of energy. Emotions, intellect, even life itself cycles. Everything cycles, just like the continuum of life in Blessing #6. Energy cycles. You are this energy. You are the observer of this energy that is you. By observing, you change the outcome thus manifesting your reality! So feel love and joy and make it something great! Life is worth living after all! And that’s exactly why we’re here. The purpose of life is to perceive.

Thank you for reading and sharing with your friends! These blessings will change your life. Knowledge of the Omniverse has transformed mine for the better, and I ask you how I can empoer even more people to seek out the infinite knowledge within and join the new revolution of pure thought! Make it your mission to wake this world. Become enlightened through science! It is done. It is done. It is done!


Love the universe you’re in!

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