Blessings of the Omniverse Part 8

When it gets down to it, no matter which way you look, whether you take things apart or put things together in this universe, it all comes doen to one. One life divine. One intelligence. Our purpose is to perceive, but our paths are unique to each and every one of us. Even so, each path is entwined, leading back to this divinity. Oneness. Being at peace in unconditional love of all things in the universe. All creation. Evolution. There is beauty everywhere. I read a quote today that said we don’t have to qualify things like unconditional love. It’s really just love. We don’t have to strive to be in this state. We are this state. We come from this love and return to this love. In the little amount of time we perceive in between, we experience our lives. We observe ourselves learning and loving as we navigate through our pitfalls and mistakes. In the end nothing is bad when you observe youself following this path back to one. One love! But on our way there is one thing we ALL do that distinctly makes us human…

Blessing #8: Discovery

Remember when you were a child, experiencing things for the first time? Your mind was open as you encountered new things and wondered what makes them work. Your face lights up as you play with these things and the imagination runs wild. This is what discovery is all about – that feeling! The feeling is what accompanies manifestation. So discovery is an important aspect to how we create our reality through the power of observation. And it’s even more! As a feeling, it is linked to our emotions – our higher perceptive abilities. This creates a resonating effect throughout all of our levels of higher consciousness.

Discovery is like flipping a switch that turns us on. Because that’s exactly what we do! We discover ourselves. In doing so the universe, through the perception feedback energy flow, is discovering itself through us! How ultimately poserful is that? Can you imagine how to pursue this feeling even more to empower yourself into a higher state of being? Light up your higher consciousness and discover the very reality we live in! Guess what? YOU CAN do all of this! It is what you were BORN to do! Maybe somewhere down the line as life got more complicated, you forgot how to discover every day. But I am going to show you how to get it back.


First, one of the main pillars of discovery is the fact that it is an innate ability everyone possesses. It is not limited only to certain types of people. Yes, humanity does glorify the great minds that made key important discoveries, but many acknowledged that it wasn’t actually them. It was a process. This process is the flowing of energy in the mind – the emotion machine. This is what we are. Each and every one of us! This makes discovery attainable for all of us. There is no elitism. We don’t need to be in some profession or an academic whiz in order to discover. We just beed to be. That discovery is your path to enlightenment!

The second pillar of discovery is to be in a child-like state of innocence and open-mindedness. Remember the first blessing of the Omniverse? This is also  how we create Heaven on Earth! This is what Jesus the Christ taught his bands of followers, to go out and spread the knowledge. Why is it important to be like a child? Other than the fact that you get to play and nap all the time, the child-like innocence is another bridge to higher perceptive abilities and higher consciousness. Did I mention playtime? You also get to use your imagination in overdrive. This is your intuition at work. Your creation. Your reality. Your child state observes all of this happenning. Your child state discovers your life at avery single moment. Your inner child is your higher self! Discovery elevates your consciousness to that of the higher self consciosness, which programs your subconscious, shapes how you perceive things, and creates your reality.

The higher self consciousness works in concert with the higher levels as well, connecting with angels and archangels to push you towards your divine path, lift you up, and help you on your journey. It works in concert with the very laws of physics to lay the foundation of the physical reality we observe. In essence, it is simply the energy flowing of the universe. One underlying energy that flows through you, a focal point of this vast field of thought, who creates and observes your own life.  Everything comes back to one. And we are here to discover this. To discover life and make it happen. To discover love and feel it. To discover energy and what we really are. And that is what the Omniverse has done for me. I discovered myself.

Please share with friends and family, colleagues, or just random people you see on the street! They won’t bite. Or maybe they will. One more thing to discover! If you want to see the real magic behind the universe – the mechanism by which I learned these blessings – look for my book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse at Balboa Press, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and other retailers. go to, and follow Thank you for reading! And most importantly, thanks for being who you are!


Everything we know about the universe is about to change!

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