Blissed Out

That feeling when you know your hard work and dedication to your mastery is paying off… yea that’s bliss! This comes from easily following your divine path, which softly guides you in such a way to enrich the lives of even more people. Each of us has a purpose. We have tools to follow the way of this purpose, like intuition. Language. Positive intentional living. Simply being in the fullest embodiment of love.

This is how the universe opens up to you, revealing the true beauty of its natural laws. And it feels good to us knowing this, knowing that we already have this knowledge built in on a cellular and soulular level. We’re just learning to remember. Just remembering to remember.

Sometimes remembering means we have to let go of complications that made us forget. Subconscious blocks. Negative programming. Self talk that actually manifests what we don’t want if werre not careful. Intuition, while it may seem like a far fetched idea or something difficult to develop within oneself, is what makes is remember. It is the keys that you may have thought were lost until they were found. Intuition can also be the love we haven’t found yet (or have). The twin flame. The connection to the divine. And all we have to do is let go and follow our gut.

There are many tools to learn how to develop your intuition. But what if learning all of these tools is simply reinforcing the illusion of separation between you and the desired outcome? We already know how to do anything that we need to do to follow our path. We just need to let go and follow our gut. And in this knowing of all that is known within and trusting our gut, it feels good, yes?

This world is changing. Consciousness is evolving. We are remembering. Simple as that! And this is really perfect for this New Moon. Just release what blocks you. If you need more, stay tuned for details on my upcoming workshops. Yes, there will be psychic intuition development in a safe environment. And there will be angels. It’s good that if you are reading this, you are interested in learning more, so you are exactly where you need to be right now. And it’s good to feel that.

Thanks for reading and sharing with friends!

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  1. I think it is comforting to know that we really are just where we are supposed to be, at every moment. Thanks for that reminder. Your thoughts are very special and encouraging.

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