Bonus Advance Daily Download

Fairies are real man, you gotta believe me. You see, fairies are really much more than the eyes can see. Fairies are a different reality entirely, and that reality is your consciousness. Your thoughts and beliefs work to color your perceptions, allowing your mind to piece reality together. Your version of reality is unique to you. And your mind is full of all kinds of computer code that executes your reality GUI. Beliefs are programs. Imagination is an app. Your senses are interfaces to the realm of infinite possibilities. And in these realms, archetypes exist as templates for new programs. That’s what fairies are. They’re templates. You can download them for free when you go into nature and notice how your senses are stimulated by the beautiful sights and smells. The apps will install automatically as you are refreshed and invigorated by nature’s beauty. And you will notice a new appreciation of the beauty in, through, and around you. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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