Bonus Advance Daily Download

You can find inspiration everywhere. Some might think you live in a fantasy world, but you embody the true art of creation in this reality. In just over the last year, I have become friends with a dragon, a unicorn, and a mermaid, in addition to elves, fairies, leprechauns, and so much more! And these are real people like you and me who are conscious creators. Together, we are bringing a brighter future into this present moment as we create solutions and sustainable community. We are working towards improving our lives and those around us as we consciously uplift the collective of Earth and humanity. Yet there are those who seem to choose other realities for themselves. They even think they have to give their power away to others, or even governments. They choose to believe in lack and scarcity, and they may be surviving but not yet thriving. And it is completely their choice to see their own reality in this way. Meanwhile you, me, the dragon, unicorn, and mermaid are sitting here like, that’s crazy, isn’t it?

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