Bonus Advance Daily Download

There’s a new masculine energy in town. I ain’t talking about John Wayne. The old masculinity is a dying species. In its place is the birthing of a new kind of man. So this town IS big enough, because there’s no need to compete in this ever-present field of abundance. Masculine doesn’t have to be macho. Rather, it’s a strong energy holding things together and creating space. It’s knowing how to listen without needing to solve problems for another. Sometimes they just work themselves out without intervention. It’s being mindful of emotions and allowing the natural flow like water carving through the stone to create a new landscape. The new masculine energy is bringing forth the energy of life just like the gorgeous sun shining on Earth’s beautiful body of living conscious creation. With the full moon on summer solstice, a balance of new masculine and feminine energies has occurred. Together, we shall manifest a new world filled with love and abundance. Thank you, it is done. It is done. It is done.

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