Bonus Advance Daily Download

Blunt Force Truth: When you play “the game,” you take on others’ energy. Their lessons. Their karma. This arises naturally through our subconscious projections. You always, yes always, project your subconscious. This is why it is best to always give your best. This way, your projection and your karma are at their highest and best for the other to receive. And notice how you can always remember that you are in competition with no one. Unless you choose to perceive it that way. It’s your choice. The competition energy comes from a state of lack. And that’s what you’re projecting when you compete for love. When you receive this as you play the game, you are creating a cycle of receiving and giving the lower vibrational energy. So wouldn’t it be best to give the absolute best version of yourself and simply trust that the universe will reflect it back upon you in the highest and best form? Relax, you’re taken care of…

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