Bubbles of Infinity

If you’ve ever had random thoughts floating around inside your head, even melding together, you already know how the universe works! But you might have been taught different. You see, you are a completely unique channel of divine love, and those thoughts are from this eternal consciousness, filtered by your own perception! The ones you loop are different from the ones that just come out of nowhere. But if you follow the rabbit hole, you get see the true nature of your very essence. Here’s how…

Picture yourself. See from a mirror. Now from another’s eyes. See yourself from above. Notice you start to pick up on the energy flowing through and around you. See it rippling like a current of water, as you look deeper. Envision the water, alive with energy as you notice billions of tiny bubbles in the flow. Zoom in closer into the bubbles. Even closer. Make the bubbles bigger, noticing how each one is a different representation of the same air, bubbling up everywhere throughout the body of water. 

Every bubble is a new possibility. A possibility for your life. A possibility for the universe. Every thought that comes to you might be good or bad. But they’re just possibilities of the same underlying energy. It’s your perception that puts the spin of being good or bad. Same for other things like colors, sounds, and textures. There are infinite possibilities and you choose which ones to use to shape the reality you observe. 

And observing is only part of the process. 

Your observation is like rolling the dice of possibilities. But your frequency is what’s attracting the specific possibilities that you are seeing. Because your perception of things allows your subconscious to attract more of the same. And the universe matches this frequency. And yes, you can fine-tune your perceptive abilities to change what you are attracting in the now!

Simply knowing that the bubbles are multiple realities allows you to become an attraction magnet for good. 

Because that’s how the universe actually works. In the beginning, laws of physics were defied as space unfolded faster than the speed of light. And it did so in a froth of bubbles! All the different possibilities grew and combined, making one huge ever-expanding bubble filled with infinite possibilities. And through all of these different possibilities, do you know what the odds are that, you, a perfect being of divine intelligence grew and evolved? 


And the reason behind these odds is that the odds are stacked in your favor! Literally every possibility is available to you at every single brand new moment. Think about this: The universe has every single possibility. You choose the outcome. You choose your perception of it. You choose what you’re attracting from it. 

Every possibility is a parallel reality. A parallel universe. You align yourself with different possibilities every time you make a choice or decision about something. You fill in the picture from there. You’re constantly navigating the parallels, because there’s no separation between you and the possibilities of you

Now go back into your thoughstream. Seeing how all the bubbles combine into your collective perception, your personality, notice how you can choose between the possibilities of how you perceive things. You can even pour some universal love into the stream to add more color to your unique experience. It’s completely up to you. Now picture yourself again, opening your eyes as you see all new possibilities, just like a baby seeing for its very first time. 

And so in this new light of awareness, wouldn’t you want to open yourself up even more to align with the best of the infinite possibilities available to you right now, calling forth a new reality as you create a better now?

You’re already doing it! You’re putting the bubbles together right now as you create your universe inside of you and around you. Wow, you’re good at this! You’ve even programmed yourself with all kinds of unique talents. And for the things you desire? Pour then into your thoughtstream and see, hear, and feel the universe aligning yourself with those possibilities. And in a universe this great, you just gotta give thanks too, right? Awww yea. 


Welcome to your eternal bliss.

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