Change Your Perception, Change Your Universe

Imagine that everything you can see right now was inside a bubble. And everyone else saw from inside their bubble. As more and more of us got closer, our bubbles merged, allowing us to share our vision with one another. Yet, still no one would see outside the bubble. Collectively though, miracles happen inside the bubble.

Our perceptions allow us to paint pictures on the edges of the bubble. Like the beautiful sky we see from Earth. At one time, this was our universe. And as we began to understand the nature of the heavens, the collective bubble of our perception grew. The universe went beyond the sky.



Humanity has the power to change our surroundings based on our understanding and perception. Our entire social systems and education were based on our own projections as we tried to understand the sky. Although usually met with resistance, change did happen. Everything started changing and our bubble grew. We began to see galaxies like ours lighting up the night sky. And then we found that the universe expands so much so that it never stops growing. And our bubble's only limitation is the speed of light. We simply can't see beyond the edge of the bubble, because there's not enough time since the beginning for the light of distant objects to travel to us. So are we stuck in this bubble?

The universe formed with coalescing bubbles as space expanded at the time of the Big Bang. What happens next is the Big Bang of consciousness as our bubbles come together for the next step in our evolution. I know, it sounds fancy, even romantic, although it's really quite simple. Change your perceptual position.


How would you know how big a forest is if you were looking from within? What if you could climb the highest tree to get a bird's eye view? And from a new vantage point, how would you see the forest? How else can you step out to get the big picture? Imagine being able to float as high at you could, soaring above like an eagle and discerning all of the details below. That's what I'm talking about!

You see, we are physically in this bubbleverse. But we're more than just physical. Everything we're made of is energy on the subatomic scale. And all of the energy is connected everywhere in the universe--even the parts we can't see (yet). And I'm gonna show you that we can see beyond. We've done it before! And now is the perfect time for the next revolution in science.

So, you are invited to come to a new understanding of the bubble. Up until now, you've decorated the inside of it beautifully. And simply by changing perceptual positions, you can view yourself in the bubble from outside of it. You are the universe, you see. It's in every part of you. Imagine floating up and above your body, out past the sky and beyond the galaxies. Envision your consciousness simply observing everything as you look back upon the universe, now in the bubble. And you are outside!

From this vantage point, you can see that the entire bubble is a projection from something greater. The ancients called it Maya. The illusion. It doesn't mean it's not real, because reality is the projection. And who you really are is the consciousness. The observer. By observing yourself, you put yourself in the bubble to experience the raw beauty of perception. You created your reality for you to perceive. And now you can see it all. The whole process.

And notice how all of the parallel universes come together like coalescing bubbles, aligning you with your higher purpose. All of your needs are met. At any time you wish, you can simply float back into the bubble and continue your path in the living. You can always step out again for the big picture if need be. This is the power of the Omniverse. It is the next step in evolution. The next level of understanding the beginning of the universe and the next step in your consciousness. I could write a book about that! Oh wait, I did! Go to my page, for details. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.



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