Come to the Dark Side

You manifest your life. All of the love and abundance you are fulfilled by right here and now is a direct result of your manifestation and co-creation of your reality in concert with the beautiful souls you are with. But that doesn't mean shit don't happen. It does! So why then, if you are such a powerful creator, has something happened that's not in alignment with your desires, purpose, or goals?

This happens when we aren't in touch with our dark side.

You know, the real scary shit you might not have wanted to confront. The hurt. The anger. The fear and sadness. The child is there that was told to sit down, shut up, and grow up. Every emotion you weren't willing to face is there. Repressed memories and trauma are there. And ALL of this is active in your subconscious whether you know it or not

The difference between real transformation and just talk comes from those who can safely take you into your darkness. It's not about positivity. But doing the work on yourself always gives you positive results. Yes, always! That's because there's lots of good karma in the dark side. Yes good karma! There really is no bad karma, it's just energy that moves forward. It's like time, but instead of numbers, there's life lessons. And they come back around in cycles. If you missed an appointment, it will automatically be rescheduled and changed into a form that;s more readily acceptible to you. But readily acceptible to you means the delivery can change. Shit that was ignored can now come back in ways that slap you in your face to get your attention. So pay attention to your lesson plan, as you notice it becoming more clear.

Too many times I see people put on that mask to go out into the world, ignoring everything they've stored down there. Listen to their language. People say they've banished the part of themselves that they didn't like. People try to kill their ego. If you ever experience self talk such as this, you are engaging in rescheduling your life's karmic appointments. So the delivery gets more punch when it comes back around. Sometimes when it happens I hear people ask why does this happen to me? Why do good things happen to bad people? You manifested it...

It's because you are all masters at manifestation, the only difference is WHAT you're manifesting.

Step 1: Take personal responsibility. Own your shit! Realize that whatever happened has a higher lesson, and learn to change your point of view so you're not stuck in your own perception. Rise above with a dissociated point of view to do so. One of the challenges might simply be overcoming any resistance to responsibility. It might have a negative meaning. It might have embedded memories of your inner child being told to grow up. But that's not responsibility—it might just be the meaning you've assigned it. Responsibility is about helping yourself and others. The greater the responsibility, the greater then happiness.

Step 2: Instead of questioning why, find yourself asking more empowering questions that set the stage for your positive outcome. The purpose is to find the energy and where it's been stuck, honor it, and let it flow naturally. It's only there because you put it there. The power of your questions honors its presence and its flow (unless they don't).

Step 3: Release your attachments. let go. Realize that you may have getting some form of benefit from holding onto a particular belief or ideal. That means it has served you for a positive intent. What is that? What gain do you get from that? What is the highest intent? Then ask yourself, would you be willing to get this highest intent in new empowering ways? When you have a yes in all of your body and soul, you are ready. This could be something you just feel. Or you may see or hear confirmation. Pay attention to the signs. We've been guiding you to move forward—we just want you to be ready first.

Now turn to the dark side, knowing you have every one of your angelic and spirit guides at your service. What's down there? Be willing to revisit. Some people have done so just to get their inner child to come out from hiding. Then they were able to resolve the hurt simply by being with their inner child. And yes, it IS just like a child. S/he can be afraid and hurt. S/he might not be able to trust. Is this reflected in your 'real' life? Pay special attention. What emotions does s/he feel? Be present with everything. And remember to view from a higher perspective so you don't loop in the energetic cycles. Simply allow the energy to flow naturally. It's what it always wanted to do.

What you will find is that hiding in the darkness within you, there's positive lessons!

This brings us to increased awareness of the energy we put out when others see us. And people respond to energy before anything else, because the subconscious works faster than conscious awareness. And the subconscious didn't store anything with the intent of being positive or negative—it can't tell the difference. It simply filed the information you weren't willing to deal with at the time and manifested more lessons to free that stored energy. The subconscious finds what you're looking for and always complies, so if you were looking in the past to bury your emotions, it worked great for this purpose, didn't it? But the real gift here is knowing that the subconscious is your higher awareness and operates on a level beyond duality. There is no dark side. There never was. It was only energy waiting to be moved.

So I invite you to come into a full state of knowing how incredibly powerful you are in every single brand new moment to overcome the nature of positive and negative bias to step into your power! And as you continually do so, you'll notice changes in what you attract. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


Winter was necessary for new growth to occur.

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