Complete Overhaul

What would you do if you were the universe, and all of a sudden you just decided that it’s time to change? To transform. To metamorphose into a new kind of life. Knowing that this ability is completely ingrained in every single bit of your consciousness on all levels, would you fully embrace the nature of change to align your very essence with your own unique divine path for the highest and best good?

As it turns out, that’s exactly how the universe is designed. It is a fully malleable living experience. The universe is a singularity, like a black hole, but much more powerful. The entire universe we know exists within this singularity, small enough to fit inside the space in between the quarks that make a proton! It decided to change once. It became the Big Bang. And it hasn’t stopped changing since. The Big Bang created a primordial soup of ingredients for matter and antimatter. But thanks to a beautiful imbalance, the universe prefers matter over antimatter. This allowed matter to construct and evolve. Yes, everything is a living conscious expression of the infinite unfolding of the universe! This expression occurs within every bit of information encoded into our existence.

And you are the universe. Each of us is an infinite expression of the expansion of the universe. If it is within every subatomic particle, the universe pops within every grain of our bodies to allow us to perceive ourselves in this field of infinite consciousness. Like the ever-changing universe, we are in a constant state of change. If you don’t believe me, try to stay the same. You can’t! And if you are trying, you are probably experiencing all kinds of drama in your life. Embrace change and your divine path becomes clear. Follow this path to see how deep the rabbit hole goes, and your obstacles disappear! The universe conspires to make your life happen because you ARE the universe!

All you have to do is trust the process. Within every cell of your body, you already know what to do. Infinite knowledge is encoded within every tiny expression of the universe that makes us. Any time we want to change, we just do it. I have. I used to have a normal life. Then the universe wanted to know more about what it was, and I wrote a book about its origins: the Omniverse. But that was the beginning of my divine path. I took on my own demons to completely transform myself with neurolinguistic programming and theta healing. Now I have the tools to create my own platform of transformational workshops that we all can benefit from. I’ll be speaking about my books (yes, I’m working on more) and workshops soon and creating free webinars and intensive webshops. This is just beginning!

The more we look around us, the more we can find this process of transformation. Evolution itself is the continual overhauling of the process of creating life. And the funny thing is that the reason I wrote this is because I’m currently overhauling my web page! Yes, it’s getting a complete overhaul. Just like me. Just like the universe. And if you came across this today, know that you are exactly where you need to be and now is the perfect time for you to orchestrate your own transformation as your consciousness is effortlessly aligned with the true nature of the ever-changing universe. When I look in your eyes, when I feel your presence, this is what I observe – you are the true beauty of the universe!

Thank you!



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