Confessions of an Overthinker

Overthingking will get you into trouble. It's bad! One of the things you must do is stop overthingking. One of 10 steps to zen: avoid overthingking. And I'm over here like, seriously, is somebody trying to brainwash me into not thinking for myself? All yall spiritual mafuckas out there wanna explain to me why you think that I think something I do is bad in any way, shape, or form? It's time to call bullshit on the overthinking police. There's a damn good reason we have this ability. Here's why...

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First of all, I invite you to love yourself. Every bit of yourself. Every nook and cranny of consciousness and all that entails. You're a beautiful mess! There's all kinds of thoughts going on in your mind and all kinds of feelings in your body. Everybody thinks and feels differently. The fact is, just because someone is different, that doesn't mean anyone should be shamed for it. Any time someone is saying to you that a part of you is bad, this is a form of shame projection. I know. I've been told lots of times. 

I've heard the same argument about the ego. People say the ego is bad, but it is vital! It's bringing up feelings and emotions for processing at the time your subconscious knows you are ready for it. It's got its own science. In doing so, the subconscious is delivering messages to allow feelings to rise up. And what happens when we're told not to listen? When you tell your own ego, a part of yourself, to shut up? Those feelings get pushed back down and bottled up. They stay in the basement, then you got some real cleaning to do! Unless you acknowledge the proces and thank the ego for doing exactly what it's supposed to be doing.

Overthinking serves a valuable purpose. Think about it. What if there was a mechanism to translate imagery and energy from the infinite realm of possibilities in the subconscious into language that the conscious mind can understand and communicate to others? There is! And you guessed it, it's the analytical mind. This beauty is a roaring engine all waiting to be revved up and go! So wouldn't you rather take it for a ride through the brilliant landscape of consciousness than just park it? Aww yea...

It is through the analytical mind that you are able to decipher complex scenarios and bring to light a new understanding and awareness. This is part of the waking up process. Oh I'm sorry, you thought you were awake? There are many levels of awakening my dear. You are exactly where you need to be on this journey. This is the right path.

The analytical mind is going to expand your awareness. It will always be there as a translator. This is essential for the human experience because we are basically perception filters. Everything and everybody in the universe talks to us and through us to convey massive amounts of information. Your subconscious mind takes in the data it can and generalized it to fit your perception of reality. This is natural. Without being able to overthink, how then my dear are you planning on expanding your perception? How would you know that this message is comeing to you from the Pleidians? How would you be able to piece together an image of Archangael Michael cutting your strings? How would you be able to view all that is in this magnificent creation happening right here and now expressing itself as the Big Bang in and through you and every grain of your existence?

The analytical mind allows you to understand more and more as your frame of reference expands and your perception grows. It is a very good thing and a supertalent for those lucky enough to really enjoy it. In essence, it's a way of receiving even more love from all that is in the universe and converting it into knowledge that can be used to better the lives of you and your communities. So let's have small talk about how reality isn't really real. And how it really is real because being part of the illusion doesn't take away from the fact that reality IS everything we can touch, taste, smell, see, hear, and feel. And so much freaking more! So let's lie beneath the stars as we hold each other all night talking about how all of the universe appears to come apart only to be coming back together because everything is LOVE!

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.



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