Cracking the Karma Code

In the beautiful grassy rolling hills of a land far away, a long time ago, a fairy tale story was unfolding. Yes, there was a princess. And a castle. And yes, there was a happy ending. But not the one you expect.

She was a beautiful princess and an heir to the throne of Scotland. And her love was in a far away place. She had a choice to be with her love, but it meant giving up her royalty. Because he was an unexpected kind of royalty. The love of her life was an American revolutionary. He was the some of one of the war's top generals fighting the British for the independence of America. Above all else, these two chose love. In the end (or beginning), she came to America to be with her love in this real-life fairy tale. And that meant she had to give up everything. The royalty. The riches. Her family. Nothing compared to the love in their hearts. Together, they created their own life in America.




Even though she had to give up being a part of the royal family, I believe this is one of the happiest endings ever, because it creates a new beginning for love, crossing boundaries that hadn't been crossed. This love was so great that nothing stood in its way. Scotland and America were never the same. Above all else, love withstood the test of time and distance. This wasn't just a fairy tale. This is part of our history. And for me, a very important part of my heritage. These two were my ancestors. And this story has meaning today. Information has been carried through our genetics to this day, into my blood. What does this mean though?

There are very deep lessons relevant in the here and now. Giving up royalty and riches meant that love is the greatest force. And this is true today. It is a mantra I live by. But the energy of their interactions was programmed within the epigenetics of their offspring for several generations. And that energy carries a powerful lesson of letting go. Let go of what you think love should be. Let go of your attachments to the material world. Love will prevail.


These lessons were the energy they projected. The energy is what affects the evolution of an individual and is carried on for generations. Energy from our environment even gets imprinted on our cells. The cell walls contain an identity unique to each individual. This results in deep-down values imprinted within the core of their relatives. The value of love over money. I know this because I feel it. I would give up everything to be in love. And this is because that energy has been handed down to me. Subconsciously, that has been programmed deep down. And what is this energy? It is karma.

Karma is energy we carry life after life. It is the lessons you attract in your life. You are probably unaware of it. Karma is not punishment, a common misconception in today's social programming. It is energy that builds upon itself driving growth and personal evolution. And it changes as you learn your life's lessons. In fact, just realizing this means I am starting to crack this code to move on to the next program. Because here's the real truth about love—you don't have to give anything up. Except maybe your own personal bullshit if that gets in the way. Love just is. And knowing this goes hand-in-hand with abundance. It isn't one or the other. Rather, abundance is another kind of energy.

So the real fairy tale ending here is realizing that love and abundance are surrounding you all the time at any moment in your life. And knowing that this is a brand new moment, wouldn't it be in your best interest to crack your karmic code and create anew? I will guide you through a process to do this.

First, take a look at the language you use. What is your self talk, and what is your higher self talk saying? What are you reflecting outward? Are your actions in alignment with your words? Are your actions, or even inactions taking you out of alignment? Do what you say, and always act with love. This will keep you aligned. And it's really pretty easy. The next step is to observe your behaviors. Your language and actions are windows with which to watch yourself. What do your behaviors show you? Some may be good, or not so good. That's ok, because there wouldn't be much of a lesson if everything was already aligned, would there? Underneath it all, you will find your core values. These values guide you toward the results you've been getting in the past up until now. And yes, they can change as you become aware. And as you awaken to your values, even instilling new values, you will become further aware of what lies beneath... This is your energy. Stored energy can be found in your epigenetics and even further down the rabbit hole. Every subatomic particle in every cell of you is pure energy. That's how powerful this work is.

You Are Your Energy

Your karma is stored in your energy. On an epigenetic level, this influences the expression of your genes. On deeper levels, your higher self and even your superconsciousness will reflect your energy. Karma can and does play out throughout your parallel lives. Yes, there are many—past, present, and future. And they are all working for the common purpose of your highest and best good. Just like the cells in your body keep you alive. You are part of something bigger. You are consciousness. You are love expressed in the physical realm. Reviewing your life in the here and now will reveal your karma code, and it is completely up to you to accept your lessons and move on. I am accepting my lessons. I am calling into existence right here and now for love and abundance. Thank you, it is done. It is done. It is done!


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