According to the law of conservation, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It simply exists. It transmutes and becomes different states. Before the Big Bang, our universe is just a singularity made of pure energy. But there’s one thing the laws of physics can’t account for: space.


What is space? space between notes makes music. Space between spoken words creates language. Space creates the universe from nothing. In the first instant of the Big Bang, space unfolds faster than the speed of light. In our timeline, we observe space expanding at an exponential rate of growth in the present. How is this even possible?

Space is the key to life. It exists between the quarks of every proton and neutron. It exists between atoms in every molecule. Bonds are just space! Even when we think solid objects touch, because we feel it that way, it is an illusion created by interactions in space. Space creates the matrix for which reality is projected upon. It is the paper in which the symphony of life is written. Space is the vessel in which the universe’s underlying energy fills to create all of the flavors of energies, like all of the instruments of this symphony. So what creates space?

Simply put, we do. We create space. Our consciousness creates space – not anything external, but from within ourselves. Without consciousness, there is no need for this space. No desire to listen to its music or revel in its language. No one to appreciate its pure beauty. But with consciousness, it is simply a decision to be. And like that, space unfolds in a miraculous instant and the life of the universe begins. Forces attract as bodies are born, living and dying in cycles of creation of biological life’s building blocks. We are a product of this attraction. We are a product of love!

Every one of us is like space in a way – we are vessels to be filled with pure universal consciousness. And with this consciousness, we in turn create more space. It’s why the universe is expanding. Our consciousness grows. Our love grows. As we evolve into an enlightened species, we learn to master the powers of music, language, and love. Simply, we create space for beautiful things to enter. We create space. The universe fills this space with what we intend when aligned with our higher purpose. How cool is that?

It’s not about what you do in this existence. It’s not about working hard to make a living and get by or get ahead. It’s about doing something absolutely amazing. It’s about creating the space for your life to happen. Creating the space for love to happen. So tell me, are you just living in space, or are you ready to awaken to your true potential to create?

I am ready for love. I am ready to create. I am ready to love!


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