Is it conceivable that our reality is merely an expression of our perception? Can you envision an expanded awareness that changes your perception in ways that allow even more understanding of our true nature? What if this understanding also led you onto a path that you know you are meant to follow, with confirmations and synchronicities surrounding you all day every day? Welcome to your universe. Here, there is one rule: on a soullular level, if it feels good, do it!

What I am about to show you will create these feelings of pure bliss and unconditional love. All through the simple practice of expanded awareness. After all, we don’t believe what we see – we see what we believe. The first step of an expanded awareness is opening up the infinite potential of belief. We can work on this in my upcoming workshop, but for now, keep your mind open to the idea that if a belief limits your perception, that belief can be modified for the highest and best good of your own transcendence. Limiting beliefs can be all around us, and simply identifying what limits you starts the process of change. And this is a good thing! Belief is a tool that leads the way. In science, often though to be devoid of belief, it is an important tool to guide our studies. We believe data to fit a certain model. And when enough data is available, the model may end up changing or even being wrong. Then the model changes. But the belief led us to explore that and find out for ourselves.

Imagination allows us to explore infinite possibilities and envision a model with which to test. And it can be fun. Imagination can lead us to our life purpose. Imagination can help create the endless possibilities that life has to offer. We may daydream, but the mind is busy working on that purpose in the background. The subconscious ticks away, running the programs we create. As we dream, we make new programs ready to launch. There used to be an ad campaign, if you can dream it, you can do it. That is exactly how the subconscious works. We just need to believe we can do it and execute the program. Even if it doesn’t start running right away, know that your higher self knows exactly when and where to run this program for your highest and best good. Always keep the dream alive!

Now consider that if belief guides us and imagination paves the way for the higher self to guide us, is it likely that there will be signs, or markers along the way? What if the higher self were only the beginning of this expanded awareness? What if the entirety of universal consciousness were at our disposal to follow this path we have chosen for ourselves? It is. Our superconsciousness contains higher programs that run in the background. We know angels and archangels, but few know the power lies within our very consciousness. Even the laws of physics are but background programs running all of the time, drawing the physical structure upon the canvas of space. And the akashic records, the realm of pure information Рthis is the code. This is the DNA of the universe. Quantum qubits of information, all ready to be read for this ever growing expanded awareness. And the best part is that you are beyond this. Your true nature is that of God consciousness. Because it takes all of this consciousness, including the qubit information, laws of physics, energy beings, and even nature and the crystal kingdom just to make us human!

If we are the whole of the consciousness, can you imagine the power we have at our disposal to simply create the path for our highest and best good? Ask yourself, how can I utilize my highest power in order to create the conditions necessary for my own growth potential and the highest and best good of all? By asking this one question, you will automatically transcend limiting beliefs and tap into your power of imagination to create the environment even more conducive to your growth. We can create our lives the way we want. We can create the lessons that make us grow. So next time you feel hurt by something, step out of your 1st person point of view and step up to a new frame of reference!

And here’s a little bonus for you. We don’t just create circumstances. With an expanded mind, creating more and more love and abundance, we find ourselves navigating a river of infinite possibilities. In our exploration, our journey, we learn to visualize all possibilities in order to align ourselves. We can transcend our lessons and simply be in alignment within a system of infinite parallel universes! And by doing so and grabbing the reigns, we take those possibilities from all of the parallels. And we build our own reality. Our very own universe. And then this becomes what we perceive. No longer victims of circumstance, we are active creators of our journeys. Creators of infinite love and abundance. Creators of joy and happiness. If you knew you had this power within you, would it be in your best interest to remove your blocks to using it to the highest potential? Good, because that’s why you found me right here, right now! Stay tuned for some of the most incredible, life-changing workshops to create your life.

Thank you! And so it is…


Change your perception, change your universe.


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