Create as You Speak

I am not the person I used to be. Don't get me wrong--I love who I was, the lessons I've been through, and what I've overcome. In the past, I had become emotionally shut down. I let my pain strengthen me, and it was pushing people away. My life was turned upside down when my marriage had come to an early completion. Somehow in the midst of darkness and depression, I knew that being stronger wasn't going to help. I needed to create something new, and at that time a very powerful teacher showed up in my life. I felt my intuition pushing me to hear her speak about communication.

I got so much more. 

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I met myself. I embraced myself. I became in love with life. What I got out of this was so much more than I ever envisioned. And people noticed. Everything around me started changing. People sought me out for healing, and I embraced a new path in my purpose to serve. I started seeing things differently. I now see beauty everywhere. I feel so much more so than ever before. I am open to new opportunities, and the world opens up to me. 

I have overcome limitations to love, money, and so much more. My entire life has transformed for the better. Because I made the conscious decision to step out of my comfort zone into the unknown. And then the unknown became known. 

So what kinds of challenges have you experienced in life? What if overcoming them is really that simple? Would you give yourself the chance to open up for even more love and abundance? I won't ask what would you could lose, because I already know: You'll lose the blocks that in the past have held you back. Imagine being able to change just one area, and see it impact every other facet of you life

Now in this new light, envision what it is you'd like to create. What would you like to experience? All it takes is one day to find out

And if you're like most of us with a busy schedule, take notice if you are willing to set that aside for your highest and best good, or if there's some resistance from holding onto your patterns. It's telling you more than you think it is. That's exactly why breaking that mold will ensure such powerful results!  

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We all have a chance to begin anew, every single moment. 


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