We create our universe, surroundings, and possibilities with our perception.  Our world around us manifests from our own creation.  We find ourselves in the present – a crossroads between the past and future.  But the universe we create doesn’t need to be held to the same timeline.  Instead, all possibilities exist in a quantum system.  Accept the past as your destiny and the future as free will.  Watch your universe unfold before your eyes as you see the infinite possibilities.  These possibilities are shaped by your free will to manifest your universe and your life.  All it takes is a decision based in the present moment.  What will you decide?  Drama or Karma… or to just be.

Copernicus created the solar system in a format unbeknownst to the rest of the world.  By speaking his truth, it would be observed later by Galileo.  Afterward, our perception changed.  Old ideas were trumped by round objects orbiting the Sun.  Now in this day and age, we accept things as set in stone again.  But all we have to do is create!  We can shape our very own existence based on our present.

This is what I am doing.  I have realized that I am one with the ‘creator’ inside me.  My decision affects the outcome of our universe – as well as its inception.  Like those before me, it is based on perceptions , observations, and measurements of our surroundings.  I used real-world discoveries to put together the grand picture that our universe is a part of something bigger.  This is the Omniverse – it is a supermassive white hole that creates the singularity that the Big Bang comes from.  The Big Bang occurs as a holographic projection on the event horizon.  Where are we in this picture?  We are centered in the Big Bang singularity.  And from here, we create the universe around us by tuning in to the holographic projection.  Would you join me?  After all, it is your universe.  Feel free to explore!

This is why I create.


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