Crushing Your Limiting Beliefs

You can live the life you desire by igniting your passion inside. There are no limits. And nobody to stop you but yourself. And I know first hand, it sure as hell feels like there are people lined up out the door to stop me. So I closed the door on them. Before doing so, I asked them what they were reflecting back to me. Because YES, everything is what you attract. Everything is what you attract. 

And what are you attracting? Are your results reflecting a clear pathway moving forward, or do you get tripped up? Deep inside your stubble consciousness, you can find the belief code--your programming. You can have negative beliefs stored inside that are manifesting in your life in the form of resistance from yourself, from others, and even your environment. But that's just scratching the surface. You see, all that happens to show you what you're attracting, so you can change it

Yes, change is necessary. You see, all of that stuff your consciousness showed you by bringing the lessons to your awareness had served you in the past up until now. And in that faithful service, you may have held onto the beliefs or values behind your results in the past up until now. And from this point moving forward you can bridge the gap between why you held on and why you'll gain more by letting go. 

Inventory your limiting beliefs. 

What's holding you back? Do you get reasons or results? Write them down. Your inventory is like a closet where these have been stored. The reason they're still there is because of whatever gain you got from them in the past. Write those down and question, how did that serve you, and what is the intent? Keep asking and as you find the highest intent, ask yourself if you could have this in new empowering ways. Once you agree, you no longer need to hold on!

Clean the closet. 

Empty feels good. You let go of your limiting beliefs just like that. You can even burn your list. And now in this brand new moment, notice how letting go invites in the new empowering way--the highest intent. This hack makes it possible to close off the old neural pathway in your brain and create a new one. 

Replace with a positive program. 

Now you can explore new empowering ways of reaching your highest intent. The brain stores programs in the subconscious, which doesn't care whether it's a good or bad program, it just stores and runs them. So basically, you're removing your old apps and replacing with new, better ones. When you run the new empowering programs, you'll be noticing how things are changing as you crystallize the reality of your highest intent. 

You're auto-updating. 

When you do this process of crushing limiting beliefs, it becomes automatic. You can catch things on the fly, let go, and continue to replace even better apps. You'll see that nothing really ever held you back that you could not take your power back from. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. 


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