Daily Download

We can get channeled messages anytime, anywhere. Before I divulge this one, I invite you to come to a bridge of understanding–in science, every species has a parent species whereas in religion, it’s a creator. Our creator, or parent species, is no longer on Earth. Our closest living relative is revealed by our own DNA. And you can’t argue with your DNA! Between the DNA and other evidence, there’s lack of data. We’re closing the gap with new knowledge as the creator is revealing themselves through me. 
Here’s the creators’ message: “When we incubated your species nearly 500,000 years ago, we purposefully left no trace behind.” Our evolution occurred in response to some kind of environmental stimulus. That’s just how the process works. The trick is finding where that stimulus came from. Now they’re revealing themselves. So in this new light of awareness, knowing you can be provided with real answers, what would you ask from the creator? 


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