Daily Download

Sometimes you gotta shed your skin and begin again. Somewhere in the midst of total awareness of breath and a very sore ass from sitting in meditation, I came across some good shit! First thing, I’m giving up confidence. Really? Yes. Why? Don’t need it. Neither do you, and here’s why: Confidence is rooted in the external. Even self confidence. Because that’s the energy we put forward when people perceive us. Confidence (or lack of confidence) is really a mask for others to see so they can read you. It serves a purpose, but we don’t really need external validation for ourselves at all, do we? Nope. It becomes attachment. And letting go makes room for a higher vibration: That’s knowingness. Knowing you’re enough. Knowing you’re whole and complete. Knowing that you are love-the very glue holding the universe together. Knowing you’re the shit! It don’t matter what others think. And after all, they were just reflections of your own self talk on the past, weren’t they? Know what I mean? 

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