Bonus Advance Daily Download

Blunt force truth: The quality of the life you manifest is a direct manifestation of the quality of questions you ask.
When you ask yourself questions anything less than empowering, you are getting the exact results you are asking for! Think about it. If you ask why you’re surrounded by idiots or why wo/men treat you like shit, what are you focusing your energy on? Your subconscious is an operating system that runs the commands you give it. And focusing on what you want our don’t want is what makes the command. The subconscious always delivers! So by focusing on the negative, you are programming yourself to filter out anything else from nearly infinite outcomes. In other words, you get exactly what you ask for. The good news is you CAN change what you attract by changing your language. But this just scratches the surface. Your language is a reflection of your internal beliefs. Beliefs come from your values. These can change. And you can do work to go deeper than that. You see, these values are expressions of energy. You are an energy being after all. Your energy is reflected across parallel lives in what’s known as karma. When you are ready to change your karma, and whenever that is will be the perfect time for you, i will guide you through this.


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