Daily Download

The countdown to interplanetary travel starts now! Most of my downloads come from an understanding of the universe that relates to us in a way that’s uplifting and empowering, helping us evolve. Many take you into different perceptions to see things in a new way, overcoming what might have been thought to be a problem. The downloads are changing now. Starting to get tech specs to travel the universe. Yes, that’s right. This is the first:

Warp drive technology as you’ve envisioned it is only a start. While you can warp space to ride the wave, what if you warp time instead? Warping time creates a tunnel that space-time curves into. Because all time is available all the time, it’s really just a matter of allowing yourself to be pulled forward into the time warp. This shields you from the effect of matter turning into energy at light speed because everything around you is the infinite possibilities of energy. And as you approach an object, you observe its entire timeline in such a way that allows you to access any specific time and even pause, fast forward, and rewind. You observe as you are the energy, like the way an angel exists in this reality. In other words, when you travel somewhere, you exist across all time at that planet. Your energy coexists with the planet. You can go anywhere, anytime. And that’s good to know, isn’t it?


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