Daily Download

Universal Irony Division: When you get down to it, all of the universe is within you. All of the forces that be are ever-present in you, binding together all of the pieces of you. The universe is wholly expressed in every single grain of your existence. You are intimately connected to all that is in a field of infinite possibilities. Everything you perceive around you are your own reflections coming back from the universe that you are. Every beautiful soul. Every lesson. Your attraction is based on your own emanation. And you step fully into your power knowing that the universe in you is for you, not against you. You give love freely and unconditionally, loving yourself through it all. This level of badassery brings bliss. And only then can you see that it never had anything to do with you in the first place. You get to let go of everything that was you. Identity. Body. Mind. You see things now from a dissociated point of view, unattached. There is no you. That’s just a focal point you created for a moment. There are infinite possibilities of what it might become, but you, dear one, are simply observing. Your loving presence is created by you having no associations, attachments, or expectations. You don’t exist, but you do.


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