Daily Download

What was humanity pretending not to know to have ever thought that we are the only life in this universe? What was behind this thinking? Was it conceited to think we’re the only ones? Narcissistic? Closed-minded? And would you be open to letting go of the old values and replacing with new empowering beliefs? Because when you stop thinking you’re the only life in the universe, you begin to see new possibilities. And then the universe opens up to you, showing you even more of its glorious splendor and beauty. Everything’s flowing with energy. Everything’s living, thriving, and evolving! All of this exists within you, so ask yourself, do you want only a single cell in your body to be alive or the whole thing? A cell in your foot might not know about cells in your brain, but they still work to keep life flowing in and through you. Observe life itself and realize that you’re connected to everything and everyone. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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