Daily Download

The universe is rigged in your favor! Because the laws of physics that make everything work are part of YOUR higher levels of consciousness. Everything in the realm of quantum physics is all part of YOU. Every single grain of your existence comes together through your connectedness to all that is in the universe and her multiple parallels and YOUR decision to be. Yes, simply to be. At that very moment the Big Bang occurs, contextualizing the timeline of your evolution and progression. Your higher levels of consciousness set the stage for your existence in the here and now. And that’s not even the real Big Bang–the real one happens when your consciousness shifts from your identity and self awareness into a knowing that everything is accessible through higher orders of consciousness. Nature. Spirits. Angels. The laws of physics. And yes, God/Christ/Buddha consciousness. That’s who you are, not your identity. You are the core. Finding yourself brings bliss, yes, and letting go of yourself–that’s enlightenment.


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