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Blunt Force Truth: People that don’t love themselves don’t even know they don’t love themselves. That’s also the gift. Because once you know there’s more to know, it opens doors. Your subconscious’ operating system works this way. When you push away from something unwanted, it stores information behind closed doors. And there’s healing simply in realizing that in some way you can love yourself even more, opening a door. When you go in, there is an inner child representing this quality of yourself that was buried for the purpose of healing right now. All you have to do is just be present to what this inner child wishes to express. Every time you’ve ever been hurt, your subconscious wires your brain in ways to protect you, and that can also result in you not fully loving yourself in that context. And that presents the gift: a door to open and heal that inner child. Whenever you’re ready is the perfect time for your healing.


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