Daily Download

“Longing is the true nature of divine love.” So why doesn’t it always feel like that? In the past, I did some timeline work to clear the root cause of sadness, only to be left with a feeling of longing, and with that came more depression that prompted me to instead ask what the underlying lesson was. I was relieved when Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said the quote above. And this is why it is that way: You long for something more. Something greater. A more powerful love like nothing you’ve ever experienced, sweeping you off your feet. You yearn for peace and understanding worldwide. These feelings run deep. And they’re really good! Because now, you’re aligning yourself with the highest and best possibilities of peace, love, and divine knowledge. Your body, mind, and soul align to allow these possibilities to simply come into the present moment, knowing that each and every moment is brand new. You are calling forth the highest and best to be present in the now in full alignment, creating a channel for manifestations to flow. It’s ok, you’re doing it right.


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