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Many of the problems societies face today stems from inequality. That means that one group empowers themselves to become dominant. As such, modern humanity has endured patriarchal rule for thousands of years resulting in how women are treated today. This can be healed by teaching your children equally. There is a double standard when young men are encouraged to be with sexual partners while women are “protected.” Not only is this sending a signal to men that they can do as they please to another human being, it’s also installing a culture of fear for young women. Being overprotective and not treating them with the same respect creates dependence and disempowers women. This now attracts a different vibration. Having to rely on protection, people can fall into the victim role and even invite the attacker. Worse, they must defend themselves against attacks, only to be attacked publicly as the attacker gets away. Rape culture stops when boys and girls are educated the same about our differences. When we are encouraged to act as love and not pressured to get laid, we become something greater. Together. So please teach your children about love equally. Teach them to empower one another.


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