Daily Download

Our entire existence is but a blink of an eye compared to the life of the universe. Our entire timeline is a conceptual perception of the infinite possibilities of time that aligns us with our evolution. We are more than just a snapshot of time though. We grow. We love. We all experience the same connection to infinite possibilities, even though each one of us experiences in his or her own way. Whatever way you experience infinity is perfect for you. It’s your connection. What you’re connected to is consciousness. Your perception of this connection is your self-awareness. As you grow and evolve you become more aware and more aligned with this infinite consciousness. You see yourself in new perceptual positions. You view your timeline in ways that allow you to pause, rewind, and fast forward to review and get your lessons for the highest and best good. This life is more than a snapshot. You, dear ones, are the selfies of God.


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