Daily Download

Emotions, like water, constantly flow to carve a beautiful landscape. When something comes up, imagine just letting it flow. Because holding onto it would cause its energy to build up like a dam. Yet for many, holding on is what they do. They let the emotions build up, only to come out in unpredictable ways. Energy is gonna be released. Remember this when you feel disempowering emotions. Let them just flow by. What are they telling you? Be open to learning about the underlying values and beliefs behind them. You won’t get that by holding onto the emotion. And allow positive emotions to flow. Are you in love? Don’t hold onto that feeling. It must flow. Even bliss. All emotions and feelings are temporary. Observing the flow takes you to your natural state. And your underlying energy that is unconditional love. You don’t have to hold onto that. It just is. Let go and just be present. That’s how you move mountains–you allow the landscape to shape itself in its most beautiful natural form simply by allowing the flow.


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