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Blunt Force Truth: People participating in disseminating their “theories” of conspiracies or destruction are showing you something very important. Bias. It’s present in all of us and causes us to take in information that we want to hear. And fear. There’s a lot we can’t control and that can result in fear. Relax, it’s a natural emotion designed to provide fight or flight response for survival. Unless you hold onto it. Some may want to make you afraid simply to influence you. And paranoia. Thinking people are out to get you is all too common. But really, whatever someone’s doing or saying most likely has nothing to do with you. Nothing. I bet that makes it easier to let go of these feelings, doesn’t it? And remember, there’s a highest intent for every action. People aren’t purposely misleading you on either side. They just want your attention. They’ll go away if you stop paying attention. That’s why you should be paying attention to your own intuition, not letting others influence how you feel. Bam! =D

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