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Enlightenment is simply that which is.

What if the only thing that's kept you from feeling enlightened is just a belief that it's something you have to attain from learning or doing something? Wouldn't that put the goal over there? Enlightenment is an ability you already have. You don't need to see light beings or hear messages from angels. You don't need to develop psychic intuitive abilities. You don't even need to declare 'I am.' There is no magical destination when you are already present! Everything is available to you on many levels of consciousness right here and now and all the time. Subconsciousness, superconsciousness, your consciousness—are all working in unison for you. You have everything you need on multiple levels of thought. Do you stop and think about when your heart needs to beat? Then wouldn't it be in your best interest right here and now in this brand new moment to let go of any limiting beliefs and embrace that everything you need is already present and activated at exactly the right time, just like your beating heart?

You have everything you need

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