Daily Download

I choose to honor this day. Because every other day before this was necessary for this specific present moment to be possible. That does not mean that everything in the past was acceptable, and I certainly do not endorse actions of others from the past. But everybody does the best they can with the resources they have at the time. And values change with time. People change. History does not change–only the way with which we allow ourselves to view it. That means we can learn from it today and be a better person than yesterday. You don’t have to spread hatred and anger over something that happened in the past. Instead, you can view the same past in new empowering ways to see how the present moment we have right now became possible. And you can get the lessons from it now. You can apply your highest and best values from this point moving forward, knowing you’ve learned from past mistakes. This day is not about honoring the victors; it’s about honoring everyone. It’s about recognizing the human condition in all of us. We’re nomadic by nature. I honor this day in hope that we can bridge the gap and heal from the past, releasing any and all judgment. After all, today is about you.


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