Daily Download

Omniversal Law: people give love in the highest way they know how to at the time. That can be very good. It can also be perceived as bad. It can be the highest intent of their actions or language that aren’t in alignment with their higher self (or in agreement with yours). And that invites you to a state of awareness that allows you to receive exactly what’s best for you at any given moment. What have you allowed in the past up until now? How have you received the love and the lessons? As you work on receiving even more love with the absolute highest intent, you open new channels of awareness. And then everything around you contextualizes differently. You receive more and the universe gives more. Giving and receiving go together because they’re the same energy–not opposites. They are constantly reflecting back to you. Simply honor this natural flow and you’ll open up all new dimensions of possibilities for your life right here and now. And it’s good to know that, isn’t it?


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