Daily Download

The path to enlightenment is kinda funny. It doesn’t really have to be this dramatic stripping away of what’s not true. Unless you want to go in kicking and screaming. It’s more like accepting what is. It might not mean that you’ll see and hear angels and spirits and all kinds of stuff. But you know they’re there to guide you on your path exactly when and where they’re needed. You might feel bliss from enlightenment. But really, that’s what’s available to you right here and now. And it’s not like you become anything different as you tap into the collective consciousness. You just let go of the very idea that you need to be associated in your identity and this costume party (which you’ll enjoy even more knowing this). All of the knowledge you have as you ascend is fully available to you at any time you see yourself on this path. Because time is available. You are available. And the universe, yes she is available. Once you let go, it’s just so easy being available. You belong.


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