Daily Download

Omniversal Law: Everything you say and do is going to be reflected back to you in the way that’s perfect for you. This is not karma. This is how the universe works. Attraction is her language and your thoughts, words, and actions are your communication that tell the universe what it is that you are attracting. Just look at the results you’ve gotten in life in the past up until now. What have they been reflecting? They are the perfect mirror image of your subconscious beliefs and values. You don’t always know that they’re there–until you do. Doing the deep introspection through yourself uncovers all of your mysteries. As you continue this path of loving yourself, you let go of old limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. You embrace a new you. And the universe loves you, reflecting back exactly what you need in this moment for your own growth and evolution. And it’s good to know that, isn’t it?


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