Daily Download

Nirvana is a state available to all of us in the now. It’s part of your journey and that means it’s available to you anytime. It’s not something you must attain. Just be. Be yourself authentically. Be love. Be who you desire. Want to be done with your past lessons? Then love them to level up and learn to appreciate the complex puzzle of the beauty of the universe within every single grain of your existence. It’s not only about feeling bliss. It’s about helping others in pain know that bliss is attainable. Bliss is possible. It is NOT escapism. It’s being present in the now, every single brand new moment. Be present to where the pain is in your body and emotionally. Be present to the feelings that were ignored that led to this pain. Be present to the inner child who represents these feelings and create space for healing. Be present to your growth. To your brain rewiring it’s neural connections as you heal the past and move forward in life, pulling yourself further toward a better now. And all you gotta do is be available.


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