Daily Download

As the new year approaches, you’re going to hear a lot of positivity about how it will be the best year yet. There will be talk of the upcoming shift for our ascension. Don’t fall for it. Don’t put off what is available to you right fucking now! Where else in life do you see how this paradigm has affected you? Do you put one thing off waiting for something to happen? Now you’re attaching things together that are actually independent. The new year isn’t bringing anything that’s not already within you. You have the power to make your life better right now! And that doesn’t mean you’ll become a millionaire overnight (unless it does). How you apply this right now is by setting the intention and taking small steps towards your goals and desires. Treat yourself on this path by recognizing successes, even the small ones, and give yourself the credit you deserve. The shift isn’t just going to happen. It’s happening right now. Your power is emerging more and more. So make today count. Everything you need is available to you right now.


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