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Omniversal Law: The language of the universe is not mathematics or physics, and it’s not geometry. Sure, we may use these tools to describe our understanding of the universe. And with them, humanity has discovered miracles! What if the language is something felt rather than learned? What if it’s really that simple? The language of the universe is love. Simply that. Unconditional love. It is the raw forces of attraction expressed through eternity to create infinite possibilities with which you create your life. Life is the pinnacle of the universe. So talk to the universe. She’ll listen. Tell her your desires, free of expectation. Call forth the manifestation of love and abundance, feeling it in the now, with gratitude exuding from the wholeness of your heart. She’ll reflect back to you exactly what you’re emanating. Because love is the common thread that bonds you to all that is. And yes, you are that powerful!


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