Daily Download

Be best friends with your pain. Yea, you read that right. Invite it to be with you. Take him or her with you everywhere you go. Don’t ever hide your pain. Let it be present with you. Let it tell you what you need to hear–not just what you want to hear. And how are you going to do that if your pain isn’t your best friend? Even if it’s physical, pay attention to the emotional and energetical pain that was present before it manifested as physical. Even if it’s mourning the death of loved ones. Even if it’s feeling what’s experienced as ‘heartbreak.’ Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s been enough time already. Time doesn’t heal. YOU do. That’s why your pain is your best friend. S/he is your messenger of divine truth. S/he will be with you as long as it’s needed, and in the brand new moment when you receive your messages, you are healed. Be with your pain as long as you need to be.


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