Daily Download

If you’re ever feeling down, notice how easily you can shift into another point of view to see yourself. You can borrow my eyes. Because here’s how I see you: I love you. I love you unconditionally. I love the challenges you’ve been through and the growth you’ve experienced. I love how you’ve changed my life. A lot of my experiences that led to who I’ve become wouldn’t have happened without you. I’ve learned from you. I’ve learned how to be even more wild and free. I’ve learned to say yes to things that make my heart sing with desire. I’ve learned to love myself wholly and completely. You helped me. And now, through my eyes, I’m inviting you to see how you can love yourself even more each and every brand new moment. As this universal light penetrates every cell of your being, envision yourself lit up with the love of the universe herself. Now take notice of how others see you. See how you’ve affected everyone’s lives for the better. See how you’ve helped their growth. And now, travel back into your past memories. Notice how this new awareness of all of these perceptual positions brings new feelings to light. New truths that were hiding in plain sight. You have always been loved, dear one. Yes, always.


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