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Omniversal Law: The subconscious mind must connect the dots. That’s why objects appear solid. Your mind projected an image to cover the space between molecules, and even the space inside of the atoms. Nothing is solid. Everything is empty. It’s just energy. Simply that. Your energy interacts with the energy of something to give the look and feel of something tangible. And it goes beyond that. Your mind fills in the gaps from information you receive (about anything and everything). It uses your perceptions, memories, and experiences to apply to the limited information you’re getting, and it makes the data fit into your image of reality. Your mind creates the beliefs of what you think to be true by generalizing data, distorting it, and even deleting data that doesn’t fit within the parameters of your beliefs. Your mind projects the underlying beliefs of the subconscious to create the view of reality that’s perfect for you. By filling in the gaps, your mind creates your reality. And also know that by creating reality this way, each of us has inherent biases built-in that assist the mind’s data mining. Biases can lead to racism and conspiracy theories and more. And we all have biases as long as we’re human, simply because of the way the mind works. The silver lining is that you get to customize how your mind connects the dots to expand your view of reality. Then you can let go of that which no longer serves you.


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