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Omniversal Law: When the mind experiences something it doesn’t yet understand, it fills in the picture with that which it does. Something unknown can be neutral until the mind gives it attributes of that which it knows. Attributes like qualities of animal, spirit, or angel. We give something a face with which to interact. Like a graphical user interface on your phone illuminated from the dark screen. You create the image or message that allows you to interface best. And that works on all levels of consciousness. Tap into Gaia consciousness. Hear messages from spirits. See angels and archangels all around you, protecting you with wings of energy wrapped around you. These are all qualities of you. You project your highest and best qualities to raise your vibration, and they show up as your guide. They nudge you in the direction of your growth. They speak. You listen. And then you know. Underneath it all, there is an underlying energy that projects itself to create the look and feel of your body and your identity. A naked source of all that is in the universe illuminating every cell of your physical being. The face is part of the illusion… And seeing your beautiful face is my favorite part of the illusion.


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