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Blunt Force Truth: You can’t say nobody loves you when you love yourself. Only YOU are solely responsible for giving yourself the love that you so deserve. You are the only one who is able to fully embody your self-love. And everyone can be the beneficiary of you loving yourself, because you are your highest and best self when you love yourself, and that’s the energy you radiate! Not everyone is gonna be on the same frequency. Not everyone will believe so strongly in you as you do yourself. And that’s ok, because when you radiate your awesomeness, now you’re changing the energy around you. You’re creating a field of abundant love that attracts others that are on a higher frequency. And s/he’ll Telecom the best in you, not the mess in you. S/he’ll love your flaws because that’s what makes you uniquely you. And you’ll do the same for them. It all starts with self-love.


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