Daily Download

Letting go may be easier than you think. Even if you’re already a master at letting go of botherations and negativity. Notice that sometimes, we must also let go of good things. If the goal is to release attachments, then good or bad really have no meaning, right? Take air as an example. It’s good, yea? We need air to live! Take some in right now. Receive it for all of its goodness. Allow for the life force to penetrate every cell of your being. That’s the good stuff! Now here’s the not-so-tricky part. You can’t hold onto it for very long, can you? That’s right, you gotta let that shit go! Whether you’re holding onto good or bad emotions, let them flow with the breath. Or try to hold on. For about a minute. Now you see how essential it is to let go, yea? 


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